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Social Housing Industry

Access made Easi

Easi-Dec access platforms are used extensively in the social housing sector for property maintenance tasks; window replacement, roof and chimney maintenance and fascia, soffit and gutter repair.

For safe working at height, Easi-Dec has the solution.

Flexibility and speed of installation are key criteria when considering the use of access systems to maintain social housing.

The Easi-Dec platform has a number of optional extra configurations that allow for dormer roofs, bridging over conservatories or porches, deep soffits or limited access space thus enabling the Easi-Dec user to quickly set up the platform and get on with the job.

An Easi-Dec is a cost effective alternative to scaffolding and can be transported to site in a small van or on the roof of an estate car, quickly assembled and then easily moved around a building to allow jobs to be completed quickly and safely.

Why not try our Cost Saving Calculator to see how much you can save using our Easi-Dec Systems rather than Scaffolding